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In Praise of Rep. Dave Brat from Virginia
By Dean Chambers  -  December 18, 2015
Urge your Member of Congress to Vote Daniel Webster for Speaker
By Dean Chambers  -  10/27/2015
An Early Look at 2016 Politics
By Dean Chambers  -  10/11/2015
Gunman murders 13 at a 'gun free zone” college campus in Oregon
By Dean Chambers  -  10/1/2015
Proposed CFPB Regulations Will Eliminate Small-Dollar 'Payday' Loan Industry?
By Dean Chambers  -  9/29/2015
John Boehner was the best 'Republican' Speaker the Democrats could have
By Dean Chambers  -  9/28/2015
A Plan to Elect a Conservative Speaker in the House
By Dean Chambers  -  9/28/2015

MSNBC: Speaker Boehner to Resign from Congress Soon
By Dean Chambers  -  9/25/2015
Billionaire Tom Steyer Promotes Far Left Global Warming Agenda for Pope's Visit
By Dean Chambers  -  9/24/2015
Trump Questioner was plant for Far Left Dirty Tricks?
By Dean Chambers  -  9/22/2015
2012 prediction: Republicans likely to gain four governorships this fall
By Dean Chambers  -  9/21/2015
Caitlyn Jenner: The Reality of Life After Self-Delusion
By Dean Chambers  -  September 17, 2015
2012 predictions: Republicans will gain eight seats in Congress on election day
By Dean Chambers  -  9/21/2015
2012 prediction: Democrats likely to have a 52 seat senate majority
By Dean Chambers  -  9/21/2015
2012 predicton: Mitt Romney will win the presidency with 275 electoral votes
By Dean Chambers  -  9/21/2015
Ted Cruz Shined in Last Night's GOP Debate
By Dean Chambers  -  9/172015


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