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Caitlyn Jenner       Transgender       Political Correctness

Caitlyn Jenner: The Reality of Life After Self-Delusion

By Dean Chambers

Caitlyn Jenner finds there is life after self-delusion

Now we find out that Bruce Jenner aka Caitlyn Jenner hasn't really done it yet after all, and is still a man. Well, some of know that Jenner will always be a man and that every cell in his body will still have male genetics regardless of what kind of cosmetic, or surgical changes, that s/he undergoes to “become” a woman. Jenner has finally filled papers in court this week to legally (remember that law can say the sky is green but it won't make it true) change his name to Caitlyn Marie Jenner. The move is subject to approval by a judge in California.


He claims the move is intended “to better match (his) identity,” and signed the filing with his legal name at the time of filing the motion, “William Bruce Jenner.”


I”m sure many are wondering, but I don't know to know whether Jenner has or has not already undergone the chop-a-dick-off-of-me procedure. Let's be honest about this. If you're born a man and lived most of your life as a man, and you suddenly feel compelled to live as a woman, you have something in your head that isn't wired correctly. And by thinking you can turn yourself into a woman, you are suffering delusions that are caused by whatever it is in your head that isn't wired correctly. Counseling and behavioral changes can re-wire your brain correctly just as sure was diet and exercise can effective physical improvements in one's health.


Bruce Jenner has lived the “Caitlyn Jenner” delusion long enough by now to realize it's not real, but s/he may still be so heavily deluded as to not accept that realization. Clearly Jenner is not living in RealVille. No doubt Walt Heyer is saying “see I told you so.” If Jenner ever wakes up and realizes reality, s/he will likewise have sex-change regret. At that point I hope that Jenner has not yet undergone sex-change mutilation surgery before it's too late. That is major surgery and doing that to one's body to conform to delusion is a high price to pay for a mental disorder that could be far more humanely addressed by counseling, only if the person in question could have the wisdom to see that before going under the knife.


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Posted September 17, 2015 at 2:35 PM