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In Praise of Rep. Dave Brat from Virginia

By Dean Chambers

Dave Brat consistently stands up for the people against the special interests and the progressive agenda in Washington D.C.

It didn't take more than a few days after Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) was sworn in as a newly elected member of Congress a few years ago for him to prove he was entirely different than most of the politicians in Washington D.C. when his first few votes made it clear that those things he promised the voters at home weren't just things he said to get elected, but they were actually what he intended to do after he took office. Like Ted Cruz, the Texas Senator who is fast becoming the front runner for the GOP nomination for president, Dave Brat is one of the very few who went to Washington to truly work for the people and stand up for American values rather than work for the special interests and seek to advance in the Washington power players game. Dave Brat went to Congress when the voters of his district elected him by firing, in the GOP primary, one of the ultimate bought and paid for players of the Washington game, Rep. Eric Cantor.

Rep. Brat sent out an email today explaining why he “emphatically” voted no on the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill. Congress passed the bill 316 to 113 with bipartisan support, and the Senate followed suit, passing it 65-33. 166 Democrats and 150 Republicans voted for the bill. The bill was praised by both former Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi and our newly elected RINO Speaker, Paul Ryan.

We don't pass regular (nor fiscally responsible) budgets in Congress anymore, they use this broken system of passing these temporary “omnibus” spending bills to fund the government because they failed to pass a regular annual budget in a timely manner. And worse, they use a “baseline” budgeting system that assumes everything get funded at a higher rate every year, without any justification of every dollar of spending that would be mandated under a zero-based budgeting system. I served on the budgets committee in the Student Government Association in college and we determined our budget via zero-based budgeting, and every dollar spent, every year, had to be justified or it wasn't allocated. Congress should do it that way too. The way Congress does it is broken and entirely dysfunctional.

Dave Brat, who was an economics professor before running for Congress, knows all this and that's in part why he “emphatically” voted against this gigantic, bloated, and full of pork and corporate welfare $1.1 trillion spending bill. The legislation gives back $106 billion in deficit reduction, and also, as Rep. Brat noted, does all of this too:

Funds Obama's 2012 lawless executive amnesty
Funds sanctuary cities and the release of criminal aliens
Funds Obama's refugee and illegal alien resettlement operation
Funds a massive increase in H-2B visas for foreign labor used to displace American workers
Funds Planned Parenthood

If that's not enough, it's loaded with pork for “global warming” programs and costly renewable energy subsidies and tax incentives that entirely a waste of money. The spending bill is a progressive big government socialist dream, loaded with spending that should have been slashed by the hundreds of billions. If we had a real Republican Congress, we would have so many more members like Dave Brat and the other 112 that voted against this massive big government spending the country into bankruptcy spending bill. These 113 members, including Dave Brat, that voted against this bill know it's long over time to stop the madness and stop spending money we do not have.

As usual, Dave Brat showed real leadership and showed how business in Washington D.C. needs to be done on behalf of the American people and not the special interests groups that put their own interests above the public interest. We need to praise Dave Brat, and here at American Freedom Blog, we do praise Dave Brat for representing us, and many others should as well. If we had 217 more like Dave Brat, we would have a real Republican conservative majority that would work to solve the problems we have in this county. If Santa Claus can bring us 51 real Republican conservatives in the Senate, and President Ted Cruz, we might be able to take this country back from the progressives and the special interests groups, for “the owners of the country,” as H. Ross Perot used to say, once again. But for now, we praise Dave Brat for being one of the few in Congress to work for us, and not them.


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Posted December 18, 2015 at 4:40 PM