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Trump Questioner was plant for Far Left Dirty Tricks?

By Dean Chambers

Guy that questioned Trump saying Obama is a Muslim could be far left plant

Remember the guy at the Donald Trump rally who asked that question, where he said Obama is a Muslim, and it has dominated the press coverage of the GOP race the last few days? Now some are suspecting he was a phony, a plant put there by the far left and their dirty tricks operations to make Trump look bad.

The man who asked the now-infamous question about President Obama being a Muslim at Donald Trump’s New Hampshire rally has mysteriously vanished, leaving a growing trail of suspicions that he was a plant designed to embarrass the Republican front-runner,” Western Journalism is reporting today.

The picture above shows the questioner, who asked the Obama is a Muslim question at the Trump rally in New Hampshire, and the half of the picture on the right is possibly the same person, taken from a picture of a likely plant at a TEA Party rally holding up a sign that said “impeach the Muslim Marxist” and wearing a shirt that said “Glenn Beck is my hero.” Are they both the same person and what this character a plant from the far left?

CNN's Jake Tapper, who moderated the last GOP debate last week, tweeted “Anyone have any idea the identity of the guy who asked Trump that question at that NH town hall? Some folks think he was a Dem plant.”

He reportedly left the town hall, didn't answer questions, and hasn't been seen or heard from since.

Breitbart News is reporting he is a plant, with the headline “Exclusive: Liberal group publicized Trump 'Muslim question' guy years ago.” The article links to this picture, which shows the same guy above in this article wearing the “Glenn Beck is my hero” shirt.

The photo has been used as a stock image by liberal sites including The Daily Banter and Forward Progressives,” Breitbart News reported, which also noted, “Anti-Trump blogger Nolan Dolla even featured the photo in a recent blog post about the Trump controversy.

The far left is known for pulling dirty tricks like this, placing their plants in the right place at the right time to make conservatives look like racist xenophobes. The far left in 2009-2010 had created a web site called “Tea Party Tracker” to prove racism in the TEA Party movement. When they failed to find any such racism, they had their own people pose as racist TEA Party members at rallies holding up signs with racist slogans, so they could report such fraudulent incidents as proof of TEA Party racism.

The project reportedly received a million dollars from a George Soros-funded group and was part of the far left dirty tricks operations conducted by far left political operative Neal Rauhauser.

Odds this incident is just the last from the far left dirty tricks operatives. The far left can't prove with real evidence their allegations against conservatives, so they have to lie and make stuff up, and even pose as the very racists and xenophobes they say exist on the right to prove their allegations. But, as Howie Carr would say, don't let any of this diminish your faith in the integrity of the far left.


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Posted September 22, 2015 at 5:23 PM