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Global Warming       Tom Steyer       Crony Capitalism

Billionaire Tom Steyer Promotes Far Left Global Warming Agenda for Pope's Visit

By Dean Chambers

Billionaires promote global warming agenda so they will profit from unmarketable renewable energy ventures

Billionaire hedge fund manager Tom Steyer, an environmental extremist, aired a doom and gloom advertisement for the visit by Pope Francis yesterday, showing the world increasingly being dominated by extreme weather due to global warming, or “climate change” as they call it now. The television advertisement, called “Dear World,” is part of a campaign by “NextGn Climate,” the Political Action Committee created by Steyer to promote the global warming agenda of jobs-killing carbon taxes, business-closing command and control environmental regulations, and government mandating of usage of utlra-expensive renewable energy sources.

Tom Steyer is part of a club of billionaires who have invested billions in the environmental movement which seeks to shut down access to cheap and efficient energy sources that they claim cause “climate change.” The word invested was used for good reason. This billionaires club hasn't just invested money politically in advocating this agenda, they've invested billions in companies that are in the business of renewable energy, so by promoting public policy that chooses higher-costing renewable energy sources over fossil fuels, they are also standing to profit greatly from the policies and industries they promote. The problem with renewable energy sources is they are not viable or competitive on the open market, so the far left advocates billions in federal subsidies to promote energy sources that are far more expensive.

The energy policies advocated by the likes of Tom Steyer will increase your month electric bills by possibly two or three times their current rate, due to government requirements to switching over to more expensive renewable energy sources, the sames one that Steyer and his fellow billionaire club members have also invested in. By forcing this energy policy, Steyer and his friends are the ultimate reverse Robin Hoods, billionaires that will make billions more from renewable energy ventures that will takes from the working poor and middle class in the form of much higher electric bills and other energy costs. This energy policy, supposedly done to “save the planet” from “climate change,” is actually a radical redistribution of wealth scam that takes fro the lower incomes groups to further enrich billionaires like Tom Steyer. Most politicians who support this agenda, and accept the PAC money from NextGen Climate, are the very liberal Democrats who claims to represent the poor and middle classes.

This is more than hypocrisy on the part of Steyer and the billionaires club, they are also engaged in blatant conflicts of interest, by spending money to promote a political agenda that will also lead to profits, for themselves personally, by having their cronies in the government enact public policy that will require the use of renewable energy sources from firms they have invested in. This is crony capitalism at it worst, and in its more corrupt form. The American people are being sold a bill of goods by Tom Steyer and his billionaire friends.



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Posted September 24, 2015 at 11:58 AM