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House Speaker       Daniel Webster       GOP Establishment

Urge your Member of Congress to Vote Daniel Webster for Speaker

By Dean Chambers

Call your Congress member and urge them to vote Daniel Webster for Speaker not Paul RINO

Congress is voting on the Speaker tomorrow, and Daniel Webster is the candidate of reform and conservative progress endorsed by the Freedom Caucus while the establishment, the RINOs, and the crony capitalists on K Street are trying to saddle with us with Paul RINO as the next speaker. Everyone must get involved, and demand they elect a speaker that represents us, the people, that elected this Republican majority to Congress.

You can click here to find your member of Congress, and a phone number to call their office and urge them to support Daniel Webster for Speaker, the conservative candidate running against establishment-hand-picked, bought and paid for, liberal Republican Paul “RINO” Ryan.

Democrats and liberals LOVE Paul RINO. Why? Because he will continue the same corrupt crony capitalist bought and paid for system, that is so completely broken, that we have now. Paul RINO will push through ObamaTrade and the Import-Export bank and continue spending billions on corporate welfare. Paul RINO will continue to sell out and cave in to Barack Obama just like John Boehner did. Paul RINO, like Boehner, will be the best RINO Republican to be speaker the Liberals can get. Liberals like Boehner will love Paul RINO.

Urge your member of Congress to vote for Daniel Webster, a Real Republican for Speaker. The future of the country depends on it.



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Posted October 27, 2015 at 2:34 PM