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John Boehner       GOP Surrender Caucus       RINOs

John Boehner was the best 'Republican' Speaker the Democrats could have

By Dean Chambers

John Boehner the leader of the GOP surrender caucus

Until Kevin McCarthy becomes speaker, he will surrender and sell out to the Democrats even more than John Boehner did. As Conservative Review has reported today, Boehner has a consistent record as speaker of surrendering on many keys issues to the Democrats. Boehner truly has been the best speaker the Democrats would hope to have in a nominally Republican Congress. But the truth is, with Boehner and the rest of the surrender caucus that votes more often with Democrats, we the people elected a Republican Congress on election day and we got a Democrat Congress all the other days of the year.

The Conservative Review article documents simply the top ten times Boehner caved in to the Democrats as the Speaker of the House. Boehner has lead the surrender caucus on so many issues, from the disastrous Ryan (RINO)-Murray big spending budget to the approval of ObamaTrade to fully funding Obamacare and Obama's illegal executive amnesty programs. Boehner has been leader of what Brian Darling called “The GOP's Failure Theater” in the Congress, and Mitch McConnell is likewise the leader of the GOP surrender caucus in the Senate.

The first step in defeating the surrender caucus and shutting down the GOP Failure Theater is electing a real Republican Speaker, and we have a plan for that. If we the people demand that the Republicans in Congress vote for a real Republican Speaker, then we will get that result. If we site back and do nothing, the surrender caucus will give us Kevin McCarthy and another episode of the GOP Failure Theater.


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Posted September 28, 2015 at 1:02 PM