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MSNBC: Speaker Boehner to Resign from Congress Soon

By Dean Chambers

Speaker Boehner will resign soon

This could be great news. The worst Republican Speaker we've had in our life time is going to resign according to MSNBC. They are reporting he had been planning to resign at the end of last year but stayed on after the leadership's number two man, Eric Canter, was defeated in the primary by Dave Brat. MSNBC is speculating that militant RINO Kevin McCarthy is likely to replace Boehner as the next speaker.

It is time for the Republican wing of the Republican caucus in the House, the conservatives to rally behind ONE candidate to be the next speaker, perhaps someone like Mark Meadows or Dave Brat or Jim Bridenstine. Under a RINO speaker like Boehner, we elected a Republican House and they vote like a Democrat House.

Another indication shown on MSNBC, Marco Rubio announced in a speech that Boehner has resigned, and the crowd cheered.



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Posted September 25, 2015 at 10:54 AM